Mid-career employment information

Recruitment details

Application qualifications Age, gender, and academic history will not be taken into account
Candidates must have experience in an industry or industries related to hotel management operations
Job description General duties related to hotel management operations in Tokyu Hotels Headquarters (management, sales, marketing, business planning, administration)
Salary To be determined based on consideration of experience and skill
Workplace Tokyu Hotels Headquarters (Shibuya)
Work hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Holidays Five-day work week system (holidays on Sat & Sun *Must come to work on the first Saturday of the month), 106–112 days off per year (including national holidays, the anniversary of the company’s founding, and Tokyu Group day; actual number varies depending on whether certain national holidays fall on weekdays), yearly paid vacation, special leave for weddings and funerals
Raises/ Bonuses 1 raise per year/ 2 bonuses per year
Contact the Tokyu Hotels HR staff at the email listed below for more information.
saiyou.ths@tokyuhotels.co.jp TOKYU HOTELS Recruitment Officer